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Time Management App Tick-Tick Full Review

Tick Tick App
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Today we Review the app called tick-tick which focuses on time management. This is one app that I have been personally using and found interesting to use. This app has a design sense of minimalism and does not bring the to-do list in your face. 

Tick-Tick app uniquely combines To-do List over the top of the calendar. Also adding some bells and whistles in the premium version of the app. It is available on all platforms like android, IOS, Mac, and Windows.

Each platform is cross integrated very well. If you were to use the PC version of the Tick-Tick the mobile version would also be integrated in real-time. 

As every review follows we will be reviewing this app with pros and cons and final verdict on the app. 

Pros of Tick-Tick

  • The PC version of the app helps you track the activities in the Japanese quality management process like Kanban. One can arrange the activity to be started, in-process, and completed. This helps the user to track activity in each of the processes. 
  • You can have the calendar view and assign activities based on the days of the week, month and have overview of tasks to be completed. Tick-Tick premium can also be used to be integrated over the Google calendar & Apple calendar. 
  • Tick-Tick allows the user to prioritize the activity based on the importance of the activity being urgent then can be highlighted with red color, important with yellow, and so on forth. Also allowing you to attach files within the task. Users can collaborate on the task by sharing the activities with the projects.
priority List
  • The activities can be sorted according to the project folders or the tags .Eg – You can create a fun list like movies to watch and then create a tag as #movies when this tag is used the activity or the list will automatically sort itself under the folder of movies to watch.
At list shortcut in Tick Tick App
hashtag listing shortcut in Tick Tick App
  • The PC version of the app also helps in assigning a percentage of completion like 30%, 50% complete. This helps in the visualization of the task to be completed at a broad level and also estimates how long the task will take to complete it. 
Percentage pending of the task
Percentage pending of the task
  • Allows customizing the task more effectively helping in hiding the future task to be completed so that the task to be completed does not appear daunting when viewed at once. Also, the app helps to hide personal projects from professional projects.
  • One of my personal favorite features of mine is the Promo Doro technique timer built-in feature which lets you allocate time for work and reminds you to take breaks in the regular intervals. This helps in achieving a higher level of productivity and reduces mental fatigue and helps you to work for a longer time and achieve the goals faster.
Promo Doro timer in Tick-Tick
Promo Doro timer in Tick-Tick
  • Finally, the personalization feature in which you can set in the different themes to the app based on cities,  photographs, and season giving a personal touch and attractive to the user. 

Cons of App

  • The list of features provided in the free versions is less compared to other competing apps out in the market.
Tick-Tick (left) vs To-Do list
Tick-Tick (left) vs To-Do list
  • Like other competition apps which regularly share updates on the upcoming version of and future the direction of the app is comparatively less compared in Tick-Tick 
  • The free version is limited to 19 tasks per day and only one attached within the task. 
  • The translation in some Non-English language is not professional 
  • The intelligent data and time entries at times are like hit and miss. Eg – You note a task like call XY tomorrow at noon, the automatic feature in tick-tick should assign tomorrow’s date and assign the time of noon. This feature works on the app version but not effective on the web app or widget.
  • Tick-Tick can only import data from the other apps but does not support integration along with the apps like the G-task or Zapier.

Final Verdict on the App

Coming to the verdict if you are out in the market looking for a good time management app to-do list with calendar integration then Tick-Tick is the one top 5 apps that should be considered. 

It has a fluid user experience without too much of the professional layering on the app. The design of the app has kept the minimalist approach reducing the learning curve for the user. This is a good pick for the freelancer and small scale business owner and at a good price point if you are serious about your time management game.

Final Score – 4/5

P.S – This review is not sponsored and has independent review without any brand association and made after using the app of writer.



Roopesh Bhosle is an author at Hackedwits and writes on summary for books from Business and Finance. A Project Manager at day and content writer at night. Love to learn new things, to connect dots in life. Connect with me on LinkedIn for collaboration on project or Guest Post

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