Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout – Book Summary

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This book mentions how a simple thing like having gratitude can have a quantum shift in your lives. Author Pam explains the coincidences in life in simple words. It includes small exercises that can be done to improve your life by just feeling gratitude. General day to day life examples in the one spectrum to another spectrum how the universe communicates are mentioned in the book.

Let the games begin

Pam Grout, the author of the book, mentions that when we think nothing will change unless we do, we put up the roadblock to all good that wants to manifest. To manifest your goals you need to get on the frequency of gratitude.

We have crammed life unending beneficence of old judgment & antiquated programming. To upgrade the program is to get up on gratitude on frequency.

When we don’t count on the blessing we have then your internal voice starts jabbering, telling us that life sucks. As long as these voices tune-up we fail to notice the incredible gift of life. You should forget thinking and start thanking.

When you start practicing gratitude you realize that most of the time you are striving and the struggle ends. Gratitude is a kind of gateway drug to live life’s most extraordinary life.

Monk Expressing Gratitude through prayer
Monk Expressing Gratitude through prayer

According to Dr. Donald Hoffman from the University of California says that everything we see is a construction of the brain. The world you see is a reflection of your dominant ideas, wishes, & emotions.

The author mentions that everything we see in the material world starts as a wave of energy and eventually manifests as a solid-appearing object. The thoughts have frequency and it goes into the universe, transmitting our beliefs and expectations. Being around the person who is grateful automatically lifts the mood of the people around them

The brain has around 130 million receptors and that can construct and reconstruct as our conscience asks for.

We should stop judging ourselves because once you start judging, you start missing out on good from that point on wards. In short, the party is over. The world is like a big radio tower and knowingly or unknowingly we are contributing to it with your thoughts as the collective consciousness.

When we use our attention to spot beauty we emit the frequency of love. This has the capability to uplit the world as well. Any time we forgive someone for their mistakes we help the planet to heal.

Thank & Grow Portfolio

The purpose of the universe is to expand and the universe is ready to give out everything you desire when you are on the right frequency of manifesting. The economy is built on faulty information thus it fails to satisfy.

But there are some dogma which is built around the economy

  1. There is lack and scarcity – Leading to force of selling fake stuff
  2. We are separate – People’s cooperation is actually the norm and people love to help each other. False competition is created in the economy.
  3. Our purpose in your life is to value those things which do not matter – Creating the attitude to seek money above all & stuff makes a person happy.

A person should do what they like and make them feel alive. Choosing to live with joy & gratitude is a kind of capital that feeds the soul. This helps in creating beautiful things.

To enter the frequency of gratitude the book mentions below steps

  • Start identifying good things in your life
  • Trust the universe and it will guide you
  • Start doing things that make you feel alive
  • Relax & start having fun in life
  • Share and help others

Whatever we place our focus on, it expands. In this book thank and grow rich the author embraces change to such a scale that she wishes that her life after 10 years should be completely unrecognizable. Similarly, we should learn to embrace the change.

Quote from Muhammad Ali
Quote from Muhammad Ali

We all are blessed with the spiritual capital ( blessing) but eventually lose touch to it. The bestowed spiritual capital is left unutilized.

we lose the touch to the spiritual capital for below reasons

  • Somewhere along the way, spirituality took an uncool turn
  • The perks from it got pushed into the future
  • It’s invisible

We all have the ability to build empires out of the empires out of the imagination. Once we start doing all those things that excites us. All of us need to do something important, a project that captures our imagination.

Game on

Pam mentions in this chapter that the universe is always in the lookout to help and guides us all along the time possible. The only work we need to do by ourselves is to create the space in our consciousness.

Most of us put all of our stock on what we experience with our five senses. Which at times have major design flaws as we relying on only that runs through our brains. This blocks the universe from working in the magic in our lives

Most of us believe that we need to keep our eyes on the potential problem. This perspective has a drawback. This perspective forms friction that works against the universe and blocks it because it causes confinement like a prison.

The way we can make the universe work for us is by getting on the frequency of gratitude and counting the blessings in life. Also accepting you are perfect that the way you are and acknowledging the situation.

Thank-You and feel gratitude
Thank-You and feel gratitude

The 30-day experiment to get on the mode of frequency

  1. Admitting that ” Something amazing, awesome is going to happen to you today
  2. Come to believe on blessing, so count on your blessing for the day ( Ex – Enjoying the dinner with family or friends)

Once you get into the practice you will start noticing the effects in your life.

Make a list

Compose a list of all the things that you are grateful for. The author says that if you’re not appreciating the toys you have, why expect the new one? We have created complex beliefs and expectations, most of which have no bearing on reality at all.

Instead of laughing & enjoying life, we take life too seriously. If one wants to be peaceful one must admit that life does not suck.

We miss nature’s magic because we have been trained to block out all the atypical type of information. We should try to unravel our own strict beliefs and about what is and isn’t possible.

A simple trick to be grateful is to always say “Thank-You” for every single thing that happens. Most of the time we are in oblivion to our connection to the awesome energy of the universe this leads to the stopping of blessing poured down on us.

The author of this book also mentions that some people at times find it difficult to even believe that being happy is the true sense of life because of the old beliefs. Are you one of them ??

Simply focus on finding the beautiful things and doing exactly what you want to do.

Pretend You’re on Vacation

Pam suggests that we should try to find fun in whatever activity we are doing, and find the joy in it. when we dwell on what could go wrong, we directly head to rock. Spending even a moment from 1440 minutes in pessimist assumption which does not bring in the joy is just a waste. But instead, start celebrating what has gone right for you up till now

When we open the joy channels the universe rushes in to help us. It is as easy as that. Richard Wisemen from the University of Hertfordshire mentions that simply declaring & repeating yourself as a lucky potential to change luck for the good.

Quote From Kayne West

Our belief in the problem is that it perpetuates the problem. Whenever you are confused about the decision to be made they can simply ask for the help of the universe and it will drop the sign to the decision around it.

The universe works in such a way that it starts sending people, ideas, events according to the frequency you emit. Let’s take an example if you think of lack and focus on it, that is what the universe will continuously start sending towards your way.

See Around

Focus around the importance of beauty in nature and you will realize that everything is right in the world. When we get out of touch from nature, nature tries hard to make a re-connection with us again.

Whenever you have a situation that does not delight you, think of the five potential endings of it which can make you feel good. Once you have those ending keep the focus on those ending rather than thinking which makes you paranoid. When we are still devoted to old beliefs & expectations, we cause a static in the frequency. This static causes degrade in the frequency of received from the universe.

Our thoughts take the rich substance of the universe and mold them into physical things. When you live on the gratitude you no longer create things accidentally.

The very thought of anything you cannot believe possible will never be possible for you because this causes the static of frequency.

Do The Thing

Here the author encourages us to do something that scares the bejesus out of us. We got to learn to love when we are failing and embrace the discomfort. We all are scared that we may appear foolish or do it the wrong way. This is what makes us scared about doing things.

Striking that power pose of “Superman or Wonder Woman” before going to a presentation or doing the things that makes you nervous. Power pose lowers the cortisol and boosts the testosterone which changes the brain physiology. Amy Cuddy has mentioned the whole science behind in TEDx talk.

.Appreciating the smallest of the things oomphs a person’s ability to attract great things in their lives.

Appreciating Nature
Appreciating Nature

On average a person spends about 73% of waking time in fixing things and planning for things or attempting to prevent worrisome things.

On similar lines, Pam also cites Maria Kondo that even she thanks all her belongings. This practice is an integral part of Japanese tradition. When things go wrong instead of harping on the wrong we should find what works and build on it. Adopting this attitude, the universe rushes to help us.

Negative thinking is directly linked to our performance. When we think negatively our psychology bumps into fight or flight mode which in cases put in run mode. This results in not using the full potential

Watch That

Its complicated ” is ego’s biggest ploy making us think being happy is complicated and it’s a waste of time. But always watch out for that ego that may creep with new campaigns around lack & fear. Be present in the movement, do not judge love everything.

Laugh as often as possible this releases the feel-good chemicals. It also sends oxygen to the tissue which leads to proper functioning. Most of us take better care of our cars than we do of our thoughts.

Gratitude is the formula for treating fear, fear & anxiety cannot stay together with gratitude and joy. Gratitude acts as immunization against fear and negativity.



View life as a surprise party which is just staged for you. We are the cameraman of our lives. What focus will expand in life? Observe carefully that the universe always tries to communicate. Once we decide to withdraw the energy from the problem it is free to disappear

One-Line Take Away

  • One of the fastest ways to manifest goals is to get on the frequency of joy.
  • The universe always tries to communicate with you, just pay attention.
  • What you focus in life, that expands in life.

About the Author

Pam Grout has acted in the movies as extras then went on to create Tv series. Post she started writing books one of the best sellers is E-squared along with that she pivoted her career to being a travel writer. Pam has written for Huffington Post, People magazine.

Book Recommended

A person who wants to learn to manifest the goals faster. Change the perspective towards life and drop of old beliefs. If you want to learn about how the universe communicates, learn more about miracles or coincidences in life.

Final Score – 7/10

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