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Review of LinkedIn 5 Day Workshop by Vaibhav Sisinty

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LinkedIn as a place where all the working professionals connect. LinkedIn is the place where you can find companies CEO, Founder to MBA graduates. This is one of the unique platforms that can be used to find jobs, build a personal brand, or find the next potential client. The thing is most of the people are still yet to leverage the full potential of Linkedin for their benefits.

Whenever a person wants to know about you professionally LinkedIn is the platform, looked up for. Your LinkedIn profile is your virtual CV for people to understand. If you are the looking founder of the start-up and looking for the investor for your business even that is possible if you make the right connections. So now I have set the tone of importance for LinkedIn profile optimization. Let’s review the workshop

What is this LinkedIn 5 Day Workshop about?

Online learning platforms like udemy, Skillshare offer online courses that provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace. These online courses have a completion rate of about 13% hardly. If you have enrolled in any online course I know you have started thinking about it and understand why the completion rate is only 13%.

This being a workshop is more of active learning where you learn and have to execute to keep with the batch and the instructor. Active learning is a key part of this workshop. The workshop is spread across 5 days in the week. Each video is released of 30-45 mins for learning and a good execution period depends on the pace of the candidate. There is also a holiday in the middle of the workshop so that if you fall behind you have one day to level with the back.

Well throughout the day you are reminded about your task through the email which can be helpful at times. In the evening you have live sessions so that you can clear your doubts & queries.

The Learning module for each Day in LinkedIn 5 Day workshop

  • Day 1 – Identifying your target audience.
    This is the stage where the foundation for the profile is build. At this stage you need to identify the type of audience you want attract through a content. For a copywriting freelancer his/her target audience will be individuals working in marketing and sales.
  • Day 2 – Optimization of your LinkedIn profile.
    In this stage the real work starts , optimizing the profile by writing proper headlines. To make profiles more attractive you should write what can you do for the business. Like if you are Digital Marketer you can help business to generate more leads
  • Day 3 – How to increase the connection and reach first 5K connection.
    Time to skim through the connections make up till now. Most of the time half the connections are not active profile leading to wastage of connection opportunities. Wise move is to remove those connection and make new connection. Make sure you connect to your first 5K target audience this is where the whole game line.
  • Day 4 – Holiday ( Day may change accordingly to complete any backlog work)
  • Day 5 – Content Creation
    Content is the king and the differentiator. It is estimated that only 5-6% of linkedIn audience creates any type of content. LinkedIn Algorithm works in such a way the content creation has priority in terms of reach. So if you want reach start creating
  • Day 6 – 3 Hrs live session (No Recording Available)
    This is the powerhouse live session. Vaibhav in this linkedIn workshop session reveals all the tips and tricks that worked for him. He also provides in the connection strategy to be used while connecting with people

About Vaibhav Sisinty

Vaibhav has spent the last 7 years of life in building a business, personal brand, and helping businesses in different parts of the world grow, increase their profitability, and crush their marketing and sales goals. Through the years, he has mastered both the art and science of launching new products, getting new clients, retaining customers and scaling.

Started Discovering Android while still a 2nd year engineering student. Grew to over 100k views per month, but shut down after Google banned the Adsense account. later on Founded CrazyHeads, a digital media agency, with four of his college friends. Which eventually won awards and worked with over 100 clients all over the world.General Electric invited him as a speaker to their signature event ignITe at just age of 21.

“Execution is My Secret Mantra ” – Vaibhav Sisinty

Who should enroll?

LinkedIn Statistics

Well, this LinkedIn 5 day workshop caters to 3 types of audience on the LinkedIn platform.

Job seekers – Most of the common things get neglected and at times end up missing out on an opportunity. The Workshop help in understanding the importance each of the parameter and explains the process behind optimization.

Creating a personal brand – To create a personal brand on the platform one needs to showcase the expertise in his /her area. Creating a personal brand, in short, is to make yourself visible on the platform. Vaibhav himself has created a personal brand for himself on LinkedIn is always better to learn from the best.

Creating a personal brand is always going to be a journey but this workshop sets you on the right course of action.

Finding the Potential Client – LinkedIn houses CEO, Vice-Presidents, and Managers as well as big companies to a small start-up. Knowing your target audience is important or you make a sweep in the crowd and may lose the opportunity to find the potential client. LinkedIn can be very well used to showcase product benefits or the case study of the benefits of existing clients.

The LinkedIn 5 day workshop by Vaibhav Sinsity, very well explains how to present the case studies. Vaibhav himself has landed multiple clients through LinkedIn and also spills out the beans to successfully find the next client effectively.

Is It Really Worth It ?

Benefits through the workshop

If the strategy is adopted properly the workshop can be useful to make yourself visible to recruiters and may also provide you with job opportunities. The people you are looking to create a personal brand can make themselves visible on the platform or may also position themselves as thought leaders if they have expertise.

Lastly, LinkedIn has vast potential to find the client if tapped in properly. As mentioned previously as well, CEO to Manager most of the people are present on the platform who can be the potential client for your products or services. If your are interested you can also read UI/UX workshop review by growth school

Click here to Find More and enroll in the Workshop.

Results Achieved from LinkedIn Workshop

Just with few days of completion of Vaibhav’s Linkedin workshop and working on profile optimization. The view for personal profile shot up which can be seen from the below screenshot. I started getting inbound search queries for my profile.

Results achieved on (Roopesh's)  Personal LinkedIn Profile - Profile view growth - 88%
Results achieved on (Roopesh’s) Personal LinkedIn Profile – Profile view growth – 88%

A personalized message and LinkedIn connection request none other than by Sean Ellis the father of Growth Hacking. This was one of the fan boy movement as a marketer for me.

A Screenshot of personalized connection request from Sean Ellis after  completing Vaibhav Linkedin Workshop
A Screenshot of personalized connection request from Sean Ellis

Trending Post

Vaibhav in his LinkedIn workshop emphasized on content creation. He explained the fundamental that are required for the content creation and framework that needs to be followed in content creation. This framework is really helpful for the beginner and amateurs who are new in the field on content creation.

Few of my post started to trend for popular hashtags which can be seen in the screenshot

Linkedin Post trending after completing vaibhav's linkedin workshop
Linkedin Post trending for Leadership hashtag

Pros & Cons of the Workshop

Considering the price of LinkedIn 5 day workshop it would be really unfair to have huge expectations but one can definitely find a way around it. Let’s proceed further starting with the pros.


  • If followed step by steps results can be seen in a matter of days.
  • Be from the field of social media or not you are bound to learn something new.
  • Huge potential to land a job or guaranteed increase visibility of your platform on the profile.
  • Learn to create a more meaningful network on the platform and strategy behind content creation.


  • Vaibhav Sisinty is not your orthodox teacher. That is fun so if you like the traditional learning this may take you a while to get a hold-off.
  • Regular follow-ups on mail may sometimes make people irritated, but there at times, it is needed.

What is the cost & where can you find this

Well, this workshop will cost around for Rs 499 ( in INR excluding taxes). This workshop is of total value for the money and having too much expectation is really not fair. Also providing the live 3 hr session by Vaibhav also included additional bonus & tips is totally a value proposition for Rs 499.

As of this year Vaibhav has complete more than 33 workshop with thousands of participants working from Amazon to Facebook. This itself an amazing feat to achieve

Final Score 5/5


  1. Who Should Enroll in this course ?
    If you are some an Student , Entrepreneur , Freelancer looking to get a client , Investor , Job seeker looking for a Job or change or Job
  2. What is the Cost of Vaibhav’s Linkedin Workshop ?
    The cost of this workshop is about 499 INR (excluding taxes)
  3. What is the mode of delivery for 5 day linkedin workshop ?
    This workshop is completely delivered online
  4. Which types of participants enroll in this workshop ?
    The participant’s range from working professional from Amazon to college students from IITs
  5. What kind of Support is provided in the Workshop ?
    An whatsapp group for updates on Workshop schedule and Q&A session for solving doubts
  • Click here to Find More and enroll in the Workshop.



Roopesh Bhosle is an author at Hackedwits and writes on summary for books from Business and Finance. A Project Manager at day and content writer at night. Love to learn new things, to connect dots in life. Connect with me on LinkedIn for collaboration on project or Guest Post

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