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Review of Digital Deepak Internship Program In-Depth

Digital Deepak 12 Week Internship program Review in detail
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2020 has been a unique year for all of us. Some of us used this year to venture into different avenues of Career, Health, Relationship, and Spiritually. I hope you have made the most of this year.

Every year there are some industries or sectors which see huge growth while some face slack. In this Pandemic of Covid-19, the scenario was the same Internet, Ecommerce, Edtech witnessed huge growth while Manufacturing, Real Estate faced slack in the same instance.

Some of the niches on the internet which have seen growth were Data scientist, Digital Marketing, and Content Creation. Today we are going to review the Digital Deepak internship program in depth. 

Firstly covering the overall theme of the internship is based on Earn while learn. I think Digital Deepak has targeted the niche of Digital Marketing.  Learn to Earn program is like where you enroll for the program and as you complete the task for the week you get the amount refunded. 

The good thing is that the program has a certain benchmark for performance, below-par performance won’t give you a refund. Don’t worry the internship program has provided you with a second chance to submit the work. Digital Deepak Internship Program claims to give 100%  money back after finishing the task.

This program uses the Human trigger of fear, i.e Losing money if the task is not completed in time and that forces the participants to complete the task. Well, I will Kudos to Digital Deepak for coming up with this unique strategy in the market.

But then you ask how Digital Deepak is able to run this program ?? 

I thought this would be the next question as I also had the same question, Well He mentioned that the assignment completion rate is generally about 75%- 80% on time. Roughly on average, 20% of participants are not able to complete the assignment on time. You do the maths and you will find that the program can self sustain itself in that manner.

Digital Deepak Internship program Structure 

Now as I have spoken about the internship let cover the Structure of the program. The program spans 12 weeks which covers a wide range of topics starting from the foundation of the right mindset for the field of Digital Marketing. 

This program guarantees 100% discomfort that is breaking the comfort zone. The program is designed in such a way that an amateur to good Digital Marketer can learn something new. 

The expertise trajectory of the Digital Market is from T-Shaped Marketer to V-shaped marketer. The internship provides hands-on experience of the overall concepts that are essential and required in the market. Digital Deepak also goes one step ahead to teach futuristic concepts like Deep marketing.

 Transformation from T Shape Marketer to V shape Marketer.
Transformation from T Shape Marketer to V shape Marketer. Source :

Internship Program Structure

Week 1 – Mindset : 

I very much appreciate Digital Deepak for starting the internship program with a full week dedicated to mindset. Most of the time this aspect of the article is neglected but should be the base of every learning program. Week one of the Digital Deepak internship program helps the participants to understand the approach that is needed to progress in the career. 

Week 2 – Fundamentals of Marketing 

As they say without – “ Without a strong foundation the building is just movements away from crumbling”.  This applies to each and every field. Week 2 aims in making the foundation of the marketing strong. A Digital Marketer is a marketer who uses online platforms for marketing.

Week 3 – Discover Your Niche 

Week three is all about discovering the topic you want to talk about or give your 2 cents in the world of the internet or help business with your expertise. But the selection is the main aspect of blogging. If you have the expertise but there is not enough search or demand then it would be hard to monetize for the skill you have.

Wealth Generation through CATT equation taught in Digital Deepak Internship program
Wealth Generation through CATT equation

Week 4 – Setting WordPress Blog 

This week is about the technicals and behind the scene for setting up your own blogging website. Digital Deepak and his team handholds you with each of the steps and also helps in resolving the queries. Teaching you all the steps from the start. 

Week 5 – Content Creation 

Digital Deepak teaches the importance of content creation be it or business, Freelancer. This session will unlock your mind towards the content and how it can help you to take places if you are able to apply the teachings.

Magic of Content Creation
Magic of Content Creation. Source:

Week 6 – Building your Tribe 

This is the week where you learn to create a community for your brand. This community will be your product tester and will help you with product refinement by giving you feedback on the product. This session reveals the behind the scene of how to create a fanbase. 

Week 7 – Lead Generation 

From this week the implementation of the theory learned starts. Digital Deepak gives strategies about lead generation and the art of cold emailing. These are the excellent strategies for the Freelancer and Business and about scaling up to increase the revenues. This was one of the sessions which really pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

You will be amazed by the magic of cold mailing some of the interns were able to get clients, some of them got a job interview 

Week 8 – Facebook Ads 

Nowadays everyone is on Facebook be it Family, Friends, Cousins. This is the best place for the business to find their potential client for the business. You will learn the art of targeted marketing based on people’s interests. Showing the ads according to interest makes more sense which increases the potential of a sale. The art of outbound Marketing.

Week 9 – Google Ads 

Google dominates the market when it comes to advertising and Search Engine. When it is Search Engine Google dominates the market with its share of 84%. This means that Google is a good source of getting leads for the business. Week 9 shows how inbound marketing can be done on Google. Learning how to set up the google ads and landing pages for your website. 

Week 10 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engine Optimization basically means if you publish an article for a particular topic and when people search for that topic your article is displayed in the search result. Statistics mention that the website which ranks at 1st place has around 75% clicks, 2nd rank site has about 25% click and 3rd click gets 5% of the total clicks.

For every business and individuals, it is important for them to publish articles and SEO-friendly articles to get traction for the business. This week shows the step by step of creating the SEO article. 

Week 11 – Marketing Automation 

The sale is Personalised but not Scalable, Marketing is Scalable but not Personalised 

This is where Marketing Automation or also called Deep marketing the solution. Deep Marketing is a technique which creates a personalized message to its readers which appears that you are having one on one conversation with the reader personally. 

Marketing Automation is the integration of different applications. Currently, there is not one marketer who teaches you automation to this extent in Indian markets. The Magic of this is that you may on vacation but the marketing automation will run a campaign for you and won’t have to even break a sweat once the automation is set-up

Week 12 – Sales and Copywriting 

Copywriting is the skill where you write a copy that helps you to make sales for the product or service. This is a high-demand skill but requires a combination of skills like writing and understanding consumer psychology to get a better understanding. 

In this week you will understand the strategies that can help you to optimize the ads to improve your conversion rates or be it sale copy your writing for your product. This skill can be used in each and every aspect of the business.

If All this has geared you up to start learning about Digital Marketing click here

About Digital Deepak 

Deepak Kanakraju also is known as Digital Deepak has experience of more than 10 yrs in space. He started his venture in the digital space with blogging which was based around motorbikes. Later giving him the opportunity to travel to China for a Bike launch with help of blogging.

Experience in Digital Marketing Digital Deepak decided to use the new skills of writing and marketing on the internet to help businesses. He has worked for clients like Instamojo, Practo, Zivame.

Today Digital Deepak runs his own company called Pixel Track which help business with digital marketing. He has not entered in teaching space with an internship program and Digital Marketing Space. 

Who Should do this course? 

Digital Deepak internship program sets the right foundation and everyone has something new to learn from. The world of digital marketing can be quite intimidating without a lack of proper guidance. 

Hence this program can be taken by Graduates, Business owners, freelancers, Startups or individuals who are looking to make a career in Digital Marketing. 

Pros of the Digital Deepak Internship Program 

  • Hand on experience, learn and execute the theories taught in the program
  • Q&A session to solve the doubts and additional learning 
  • The advanced concept taught which can be used by any individuals to scale the business or increase the revenue 

Cons of the Digital Deepak Internship Program 

  • The payment refund systems still need to streamline, But as per the latest update for the next batches new streamline process has been adopted 
  • The support team needs to be increased as the number of queries that flood support team are very and hence the Support may not be able response fast


This is a unique internship program that offers the participants a unique experience of learning and earns. Digital Deepak is also looking to introduce advanced internship programs that are aimed at particular areas like Google Ads, Content writing.

This program is also providing rewards for the best performers in the program. If you mastered the craft and demonstrated well then you may be lucky enough to be hired as part of the Pixel Track team on a full-time base depending upon the opening of positions.

So if you are ready to dive into the world of Digital Marketing and make a career in this domain. You should definitely consider this program this will give you a good start. Fear being motivation then you will always try to complete the task on time. 

As I have enrolled in Batch 4 which on the verge of completion I got to learn, understand and execute a lot of the things in the journey of growing this site on which you are currently reading this article. The certain assignments did push me out of my comfort zone but then week 1 training comes to the rescue. 

The best part is you can always come back to videos and revise the concept again. Revision is the key because there are lots of concepts and theories to learned and to be practiced. 

The Team for Pixel track regularly conducts webinars which act as a supplementary session of the current syllabus you are learning. To name some of the webinars conducted were growing audience on Facebook, Introduction to performance marketing (An advanced concept in digital marketing) or Researching and writing engaging content for the audience.

The best part of the program establishes the base foundation of Digital Marketing making you ready to work for the market. Further down the line, you explore the areas that interest you in Digital Marketing.

You can place yourself as Google or Facebook ads expert or if you like content writing content then work as an SEO content writer just to name some examples. Digital Marketing has recently entered the mainstream market and still a long way to mature and saturate. Learn and make sure you also encash on this new wave of opportunity.

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How to Enroll in the Program? 

If you want to enroll yourself in the next batch of Digital Deepak batch click here. The enrollment process is open, hurry up and book the seats as the batch has limited seats

Score – 4.5/5

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Roopesh Bhosle is an author at Hackedwits and writes on summary for books from Business and Finance. A Project Manager at day and content writer at night. Love to learn new things, to connect dots in life. Connect with me on LinkedIn for collaboration on project or Guest Post

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