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Review of 2 day UI/UX design Kickstarter workshop of

2 Day Review of UX Kickstarter workshop
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“ Every one dollar put in UI gives a result of 100 dollars” 

But before anything starts the first question that will pop up in most of the mind is What is UI design? UI can be defined as a user interface that is the graphical layout of the website or application.

In this day and age, we are witnessing different companies that are coming up with many start-ups trying to solve different problems through their App, Software, or services. Some start-ups have turned into unicorns (the valuation of the business is $1 billion).

Each of these companies requires a team of individuals who work on the design aspects of the apps, software, or website. UI design needs to be done carefully as it has a direct impact on business revenues also keeping in mind the design principles along with consumer psychology. 

Being said that With the current Start-up scenario this field is only going to witness more growth in the future. If reading this has generated curiosity or someone who is looking to enter this field then you are at the right place.

I recently came across this 2 day UX design Kickstarter workshop which is one of UI/UX course in India taught by GrowthSchool. If you are looking for UI/UX design bootcamp in India Growth School has it own flag ship program which deep-dives in the topic.

Coming back to 2 day UI/UX design workshop I decided to enroll myself in this program which cost about 499 INR. In this article, I will cover the in-depth review of this workshop and mention the good, bad so that it will help you in making the decision. 

What is a UI/UX Course ?

UI means User interface is the graphical layout of the interface of the application a user may interact to use the digital product. UX is the term used under user experience , its it the experience that a use has while using the digital product or service.

This is a UI/UX course for the beginners  The workshop is spread across two days and is generally conducted at weekends with the current batches. The workshop is conducted by Anudeep Ayyagari who is currently the UI designer with Amazon.

I like the approach of the workshop which is a non-textbook approach that aims to bring all the students are on the same. The workshop emphasizes learning the concept by questioning things and understanding the logic behind it.

Right from the start of the workshop, it starts with exercise. So If you are someone who likes interactive classes like performing exercises then you won’t be bored. The workshop also stirs up the curiosity juices which will lead to asking questions. 

The approach for learning is really well thought and put together in a way you question, then you answer with logic and you understand the principles behind it. The workshop is spread across two days and provides hands-on experience with using tools like Figma.

Using tools like Figma and completing exercises in the workshop really gives a glimpse of how UI designer thinks and what work they do. This will help you to understand whether you would like to pursue UI design as a career. 

Before the workshop starts the resources for the workshop are sent across. The candidate can have a look at resources and do their own research for the work and play around with the tools provided. 

Once the first exercise is completed then the workshop explains how the UI designer can make a significant impact in the business. It also helps in understanding the areas to focus on as a UI designer. 

User Centric Design concepts for UI/UX

The course on shreds lights on the important concepts of user-centric design and various stages of UI design from the start stage of planning to the final stage of creating the product.

The planning stage is explained with apps that most of us are aware of or used in some way or another. At this phase of the exercise, you will learn how to apply simple logic and ask the question you can come up with the solutions to. 

As the exercise progresses you understand how each individual thinks differently and also find some common patterns in the thinking. As a UI designer, it is to identify these patterns and design the product or website keeping the above aspect in the mind.

“Design for the user but understand you are not the user “


Anudeep has very uniquely summed up the concept of UI designs in the simplest words. The workshop is designed to create learning by questioning. Once the main concepts are delivered it’s time to get a hands-on experience like a UI designer.

This is one of the exciting parts is working on the tool called Marvel which is used in the world of UI for creating the first jotting down of the idea and creating the first prototype to test on the idea. This prototype is used to get feedback in terms of usability.  

Example of Marvel App used in 2 day UI/UX Kick Starter Workshop by Growth School
Example of Marvel App used in 2 day UI/UX Kick Starter Workshop by Growth School

In the workshop, the unique approach is also taught to learn the new tools which can be used learning all types of tools in the future. Once the prototype is completed then it’s time to move on to the next tool called Figma. 

Figma is basically a design tool that most UI designers use. This section of the workshop deals with the basic elements of designs and understanding the placement of elements of designs.

You get to use Figma and create a basic UI for a demo platform in real-time along with Anudeep. This almost matches the real-life scenario of the design stage when a designer starts off the work in his design phase. 

You will also notice how uniquely each individual thinks by seeing the design schemes the individual creates in the workshop. Some of the UI designs are really worth appreciating seeing that most of the participants are just starting out. 

Looking at the designs will help you to unlock the design thinking aptitude in yourself. Coming to the final aspect of the workshop is understanding the impact of UI on the business

UI is not just only about creating beautiful designs but creating designs in such a way that it directly attributes towards the revenues for the business. This part of the exercise is about solving the business problem.

Impacts made by UX designer
Impacts made by UX designer

 Understanding each aspect of business and putting the design elements in a manner such that the user has good experience on the platform. That will contribute towards the increase of revenue.

Coming end part of the review, let’s understand the Pros and cons that summarize the post 


  1. The workshop tries to cover most of the fundamentals of UI/UX 
  2. The workshop is designed to learn by asking the question 
  3. Hands-on experience of using the design tool (Figma)
  4. Insight about the work and understanding about UI/UX design


  1. The Workshop has tried to cover lots of topics and due to that the workshop may seem at a rushed pace but if you concentrate on the workshop you would be fine.
  2. The marketing team of growth School is very effective you will see a lot of ads pop up on Instagram and Facebook
  3. If you are someone who knows the fundamentals of UI/UX and you should look into skipping this one and enrolling in the flagship program


Finally coming to parting words of the article, the workshop is very well designed ensuring that the majority concept taught is grasped by the majority of the audience. As the workshop has a diverse audience. This is Good UI/UX course for beginners to begin with your journey in UI/UX.

If you want to enroll in the Workshop click here

Who should take the course 

  • Students 
  • Individual who is looking to start the journey in the field of UI/UX 
  • Graphic Designers 
  • Developers for understanding the basic principle of UI/UX

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  1. Avatar Shan says:

    how to register for the flagship program

    • Avatar Roopesh says:

      Hi shan ,

      Thanks for reading this blog and dropping the query , We have added the new link which provides the details about the advance program. Growthschool team has mentioned that the registration link will be updated on it shortly.

      If you want to enroll quickly another way would be enrolling the 2 day UI/UX kick starter program , post which you can reach out to program co-ordinator

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