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What is Hackedwits about ?

“Let’s start Learning Again”

We know in this age where time is one of the most valuable resources and there plenty of information available out there which can be confusing at times to pick out the right information in a short amount of time. This is where Hackedwits.com present various books in-depth summaries from the different genre so that it helps the reader to decide which books should their next read as we all have long list books just waiting to be completed.

What makes us Different than others out there?

Hackedwits.com is not just a book summary website but along with that we also review different seminars, events and education products. As they say association also plays an important role in the growth.

Did you Know that Self-Made Millionaire invest on average about 10% net-worth in learning & improving skills

No Matter at what level you are at we always need to improve or learn new skills to reach the next level of achievement, the next promotion or the side- hustle your trying to start  which may be just around the corner once you improve on your skills

What the next course of action?

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Miscellaneous Note about Roopesh

  • Roopesh is an MBA graduate with a background in Engineering and shares interest in Financial Independence and Retire Early Movement (F.I.R.E) movement.

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