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7 Amazing Time Management Hacks to increase Productivity !!

Time Management
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There has never been more opportunities to do more things and achieve more of your goals in all human history than today. But then we see people who achieve leaps & bounds while some others are always rushing in to complete but all of us have 24 hrs in a day

It just cannot be that some people have less amount of work to do. So how do they do it? The answer lies in effective time management. So even if we adopt the efficient time management we can in the leagues of the top performers. 

Good time management focuses on the key activities that can produce the maximum results. You end you getting more work done with less time.

 To put it simply, it is the skill of prioritizing the activities that need to be done and rest all discarding and eventually getting good at getting the things done.

The Benefits Of Time Management 

Time is a valuable resource that humans have which everyone has the same. Take deal breaker or maker is how efficient we are as humans in managing the time.

Effective Time Management Can provide benefits like

  • Better task management
  • Higher productivity
  • No stress levels
  • Better work-life balance

 While there is also the counter effect if the time is not managed properly which can lead to things like 

  • Missed deadlines
  • Poor work quality
  • Higher stress levels
  • Work imbalance
  • Lead to a burnout

Proper time management highly increases the probability of completing the task and can lead to success in the lives. This success will directly increase our self-esteem and become more confident in completing more complex activities.

While if the time is not managed properly this will create the feeling of shortage of time and eventually leading to the feeling of loss of control on life. The stress generated through it will lead to mistakes in completing the activities and reduce morale.  

Tips to Manage the Time Effectively 

Conduct a time audit and understand where the time is going 

Auditing & understanding is always the first step to identify any problems. Similarly a time audit needs to be conducted for time.

  • Make a list of activity & the time is spent throughout the day 
  • Once the list of activity is ready, draw 3 columns beside the activity naming Avoid, Time could be saved and Must do
  • Analyze each activity as place it any of the three columns, you would be surprised the amount of time that can be saved by just eliminating all the activity in the column
Activities Time Audit
Activities Time Audit

Step up a tracking system to track your daily progress

Once you understand the activities that are being done throughout the day now it’s time to make the changes. The best way to stay motivated according to Harvard is to track the daily progress you make towards your goals.

  • Visualize the goals 
  • Track the progress on your calendar  
  • Make the schedule blocks for activity in Microsoft outlooks or use mobile app like Todoist or Tick-Tick to note it down on simple pen & paper and list the time to be spent on the activity & actual time spent on the activity.
 Monthly Tracking
Monthly Tracking

Identify the Urgent from the important work 

This rule takes inspiration from the famous Pareto Principle of the 80-20 rule. This rule states that only 20% of activities result in 80% of the results. The best use of the times is investing the time in getting results through it.

By using the matrix you can classify your urgent activities and will lead to increased productivity and scrapping the non-critical activities from your schedule.

2x2 Decision Making Matrix
2×2 Decision Making Matrix

Well throughout the day we sometimes have a list of activities rounding up to 10-15 activities which can be overwhelming. The priority is the solution is the key, it is labeling out activities with the alphabet like A, B, C, D. 

A = Urgent & needs to be completed  B = Important 

C= Can be Delegated  D = Not of importance 

In a day 6 keys activities should be focused on no more or less than 6. Once the priority listing is done we should self discipline ourselves to not to move to the next task until we complete the task A in hand.

There may be days where all 6 activities may not be completed by then the remaining activities are pushed over to the following day. This should be focussed until it forms the habit

If there are multiple important activities to be completed then the A1, A2, A3 sub listing can be used for it.  

  • Completing the business presentation -A1
  • Reading Book -A3
  • Visit the Doctor -A2
  • Going to Gym -A4
  • Going out for lunch -B  
  • Watch the sporting event -C

Building the Morning Routine 

The productivity of your day depends upon how you start your day. There is a high probability of being productive when you have the right morning start. To get the right start to the daily morning routines are needed to be created.

These routines then can later form habits in your life. These routines can be as follows 

  • Journal or creating the work schedule for the rest of the day 
  • Starting the day on the positive note like reading or listening to uplifting songs 
  • Take time to be mindful by praying or meditating 
  • Getting that heart rate up by going for a run or hitting the gym 

Eliminate Multiple Tasking 

Most people try to multitasking on the activities and we think that we are achieving at the same time. But in fact, we tend to lose about 20 % of productivity time on average will can also lead up to 80% in some cases 

It is because the human brains are not designed on multitasking, while is designed to focus on one task at a time to give out a better result and strengthen focus 

Generally we sometimes subconsciously lose the focus and not losing the thought it is better to write it down and again get back to the task in hand   

The Popcorn Method 

Adopting small customization in the place of work can work miracles. If sometimes you happen to be stuck at work a simple changing the workplace can be key to the problem.

Continuous stationed a one places caused the monotonous to the brain and thus affects the ability to focus on the task  

Bob Proctor Quote

Generally the change in the location gives in a new perspective in thinking resulting in the finding of solutions. This also breaks in the rut on monotonous and gives more control over the activity 

This method is as follows 

  • List down the activities that are needed to be completed
  • Break the list and form it into batches. 
  • Decide the different location for each batch activities to be completed

 Including small breaks and a walk in a while will add on the improved health and focus factor along the way.

Batching of Communication

Zzzzyy ……Trrr.. you know what I am talking about 

One of the major distractions everyone faces is the communication device & social media. A result of the study shows that professional checks in chat-app every 6 mins.

To regain focus again on activity 15 mins on average which leads to a significant loss in productivity. To avoid this the batching communication can be done.

Batching communication is allocating the time-specific time slot for communication. For example scheduling 30 mins for sending the emails calling and social media, of course, this would be different if you are into selling that requires calling to be done.

Initially try to create a batch of three blocks one in the morning, after lunch, and before leaving the work. Once you are comfortable try to reduce it to two times a day.


Effective time management will let you have the free time that you can use to rest and keep performing at the peak level of productivity. While along the way of time management you will learn the skill of delegation of work, effective planning, strong communication, goal setting, and positively handling the stress. 

Every minute of the day is important for us. We cannot stop the time but can effectively manage the time. You may be just a step away in creating the dream life you wanted by just effectively managing the time.

Lets us know what works for you? You any other tips in mind let us know by commenting below or follow us Facebook, Twitter, or join in the newsletter.



Roopesh Bhosle is an author at Hackedwits and writes on summary for books from Business and Finance. A Project Manager at day and content writer at night. Love to learn new things, to connect dots in life. Connect with me on LinkedIn for collaboration on project or Guest Post

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