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4 Types of learning in Which Mind Learns.

4 Types of Learning in which Mind Learns
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How to learn? you may ask what kind of question is this…. As per psychology there are 4 types of learning.

We were taught to learn fast, but not taught about how to learn. Why is it important? I know you are thinking not again. learning is everywhere in this pandemic.

Understanding Types of Learning

Do you feel bored then it’s time you start learning? This is procrastinating or over-thinking its lack of learning. If you understand boredom it is like feeling stuck in a moment or blocked. learning cuts this its about moving, momentum & pushing forward. The ink article by brian Wong learning increases the white matter & stimulates neurons in brains.

As we grow older we stop learning, but then learning avoids dementia disease.

As technology is changing so are the careers that are changing not only farming but in the field of marketing and finance.

“If you can’t explain it simply , you don’t understand it well enough”

Albert Einstein

But then we get bored with learning. We associate learning to school & college and some of us disliked the college or school. While some liked going to colleges & schools. If you look into the lives of the people who loved going to schools and colleges were also doing the extra activities which they loved doing e.g. painting, drawing, coding, etc.

As the school was not built for catering to different types of learning. People learn in different styles.One thrives on using a certain type of learning while the other does not. Like people do like reading but then they enjoy audiobooks.

We think that we don’t like something because we have not explored it in depth. To make learning fun one should know their learning style. This can also help in making you a better communicator by understanding others’ modes of learning.

Let us understand the V.A.R.K model of learning
V – Visual learning ( seeing things visually image, charts )
A – Auditory ( Learning through audio)
R – Reading & Writing
K – Kinesthetics ( Interactive learning )

Score each mode of learning out of 10 for yourself for each method and then rank them in descending order
Eg V- 7/10 , A – 6/10 , R – 5/10, K – 3/10 = VARK
Then ranking would be around VARK or this score. If there is a tie between any two methods you can use them in combination.

All of us learn through all the methods but some are dominant while some are not. You can mix and match to make learning fun.

Understanding the way of learning will help you strengthen your learning like making notes, taking screenshots, or repeating the sentences loudly.

V.A.R.K Model

Visual Learning

Video Based Learning
Video Based Learning

In this type of learning, you make visual sense like eyes to collect the information and then store it in the memory. Using info-graphic pictures, charts are very useful in this type of learning. Major online platforms make visual learning as part of their learning programs.

Audio Learning

Audio based Learning

Auditory learning makes use of ears to gather information in the form of sounds and voices. The brain interprets it and stores it in memory. Learning thought audio which has given rise to audio books while doing some activities. Also, understand when you are a keen auditory person. Like doing other activities using a phone at that time your listening skills may not register as much.

Reading & writing

Audio based Learning

some of us may require us to take on notes while listening to lectures. Putting something down on pen on paper so that it strengthens the learning. Underline on books when reading.Making use of auditory sense and witting skills to register the information and have effective learning in the process.

Kinesthetics Learning

Kinesthetic Learning
Kinesthetic Learning

Some people need to touch and feel to register and process a type of learning this is Kinesthetic learning. They need to mess around the things. Like solving Rubix cube or learning problem-solving.

A common example being student learning chemistry by performing the experiments with chemicals and test-tube.Teachers teaching students the degree of angles based on the position of the door when they walk in the room.

For example when a parent reminds children to clean up the room every month. The children do not do it regularly. Understanding their mode of learning is different maybe they need the visual cue like sticking notes to help them with the task.

Additional types of learning based on the learning environment they are solitary and Social learners.

Social learner – Which like to learn in groups like the classroom setting.

Solitary learning – When a person like to learn alone, like self-study.

There is no introvert or extrovert learning but learning based on the environment.If you assess yourself, try to remember how you learn.You learn when you self reflect alone or you remember things clearly when you had started discussing a topic in the group.

Understand that every person has a different type of learning. Repeated learning makes you remember things longer. Understand you don’t dislike learning but the mode of learning you use.

When you personalize a piece of information that is personal to you, you are 10% more likely to remember that piece of information states the study conducted by Herman Ebbinghaus. Eg Name of the company which you and your friend started working together at the same time.

Brains find it easy to retrieve the pieces of information that are personalized to yourself. While some people also make a story around the piece of information. The science behind being that story always tends to stick with the brain for a longer time

Alvin Toffler - Quote

Learning should always be a life long goal which also helps in preventing psychological diseases. Learning contributes to the internal growth of a person. Use the V.A.R.K model of learning to make learning fun and fend off boredom.



Roopesh Bhosle is an author at Hackedwits and writes on summary for books from Business and Finance. A Project Manager at day and content writer at night. Love to learn new things, to connect dots in life. Connect with me on LinkedIn for collaboration on project or Guest Post

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    Hello Mr. Hacked Wits, the topic is very important. The information was very good. Quite nicely narrated and presented. Easy to understand. Thank you. Now on I will use my learning style very often. It is Audio. Thank you. All the very best.

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