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21 Killer Sales Technique to Make Effective Sales

21 Killer Techniques to Make Effective Sales
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This is article will highlight the sales technique that can be used around the business to make an effective sale or can be used in the sales closing technique. Sales and Marketing are fields which give jitters to some of us but on the other side, it’s the lifeline of the business. Sales bring in revenue which pays the bill for the business and helps the business to grow and keep it up floated.

But have you ever thought why sales give jitters? That’s because sales and marketing are done in the wrong way. Sales can be done persuading or manipulating but most of the persuading is used as manipulating is ethically a wrong approach in most of the law books.

Sales personnel who use persuaded selling indirectly use the forced selling which gives a return in short term but in the long term damages the relationship. Think in this way if you find a salesperson who uses persuading techniques to sell you are less likely to go to that store.

If this is the result we end up getting then definitely there is something wrong here. Most of us think sales are at the extreme like this or that approach but there are plenty of aspects that lie in the middle.

Sales underlying principle is to listen to the pain points of your customer and then offer the solution you have to solve. When things are complicated then making sales also get complicated in the process. 

Today we are talking about making effective sales. These strategies can be used in combination or in individually depending upon the type of business you are whether a B2B or B2C 

21 Killer Sales technique to Make Sales Effective

  • Develop Trust
    Sales happen when trust is built with your customer. To develop trust in you to listen and understand your customer to identify their problems and provide the best solution to their problem.

    When the solution seems effective to the customer then the customer would be happy to make a purchase.
  • Comfort the Customer
    Whenever a customer comes in your first aim should be driving the fear out of the customer’s minds and making them comfortable, which helps in building trust and belief in the minds of the customer
  • Never tell a lie
    Never tell a big lie when making a sale, because most customers after they purchase they tend to discuss the purchase with family and friends.

    If any of the claims which you made in your sales pitch turned out to be a lie then you make two big losses. One is losing your customer and another one is damaging your reputation in the market 
  • Groom Appropriately
    Presentation and Grooming of the important parts of sales. What is presented to people, They make an interpretation based on the visuals. We need to dress in attire depending on the business ground.

    This can go in the opposite direction as well the customer can also be intimidated based. It is very important to have balance and proper dressing and grooming.
  • Providing After Sales Service is the part of Effective Sale
    Make your customer feel that you will be available even after making sales. Most of the time people think salespeople exist just to take money away from them. Building trust and making customers feel that you along with the customer service team will be available to resolve any dispute or queries regarding the product or service.
  • Demonstrate the product
    Demonstrating the product is an effective sales technique. People love to have a look and feel of the product before buying. Hence it is very important to have a live demonstration of the product. In some cases, this may not be possible but a video should be made of demonstration of the product making it as realistic as possible to live product experience.
  • Excitement helps in selling
    Whenever we buy new gadgets or cars we are excited about the owning experience of it. Similarly, create the same experience around your product or service that can create a jolt of excitement about owning the product or service.
  • Two-way communication of Effective Sales
    Like communication, sales are also about two-way communication. You should always try to engage your customer in a sales pitch or demonstration. If it ends with only you talking then it would be monotonous and the customer may lose interest and you will lose sales.
  • Know your product well
    When making a sale make sure you know inside out about the product so you are able to answer any question for the customer. By any chance, if you are not able to answer the question it may portray you as unprofessional.
  • Develop a good relationship
    Develop a good relationship with your clients or customers. When a potential customer is out for the research market your existing client may act as a backing testimonial for your product or service.
  • Deliver Now
    Whenever possible try to deliver the product or service now, as customers do not like waiting for the product or service. Having a long waiting period can lead your customer to change their minds regarding the purchase. Hence Deliver now that’s the simple and effective sales closing technique
  • Thank your Customer
    Most of the time the salesperson makes the sale and thinks that their job is over. But after a successful sale is made, always send a thank-you note to them because their purchase made you the commission. A further step would be sending out a personalized note to the customer. 
  • Never Hurry
    Sales require a lot of patience at times some sales need months or even years to make a sale. For a buyer, it is a huge decision for making a purchase because it is his/her hard-earned that they are trading for product/Service.

    As a sales purchase shows the signs of hurrying up then it brings in arrays of questions in terms of the integrity of the sale process. The buyer may start thinking if this sale is shady, the salesperson is not giving enough time to think before making the purchase.
  •  Start Delegating
    If your objective is sales and once you have started making good earnings then delegate or employ someone to take care of the admin work.

    As the sales increase, the client base also increases, and that also increases the admin work associated with it. The admin work can vary from taking surveys from clients to booking appointment meetings. Focus on the main aspect of sales
  • Gifts
    If your business exchanges gifts during the special festival, ensure that gifts are useful which won’t be thrown away easily. Eg gifting a plant is better than a bouquet.

  • Gift Something Useful
    In continuation to the previous point gift an article that will be regular use for the customer so when the customer uses the article, it will remind of you a kind of a psychological hack
  • Innovation converts to Effective Sales
    Doing the same thing, in the same way, can create a monotonous effect leading to disinterest among people. Hence always keep innovating the same ideas in a new and different manner to have clients interested in the pitch.
  • Experiment in Sales Pitches
    Keep experimenting on the sales pitch and different forms to have an understanding of which approach works for you and which does not. Not every approach may be right for you
  • Build Strategic Connection
    Every product / Service has complementary business associated with it, hence try to build connections and build relationships. You never know where the next sale may come from. 
  • Think Long Term
    Maintaining relationships with clients is a long term game. Sometimes it is better to forgo commissions on current sales because sometimes it is important client relationships will give you repeat sales.
  • Law of Large number
    More numbers, more chances of success. Similarly more the number of people walking in or more number of calls more will be the number of sales will be made. 

These are the effective sale strategies that can be used online or offline or be it big-ticket items or FMCG products. These were the insights from Joe Girad who is one of the greatest Salesman in History. These unique sales techniques helped him to make effective sales of 13,001 cars in his life making him one of the greatest salesman. Similarly, these strategies will help you as they have helped Joe in his career.

The next article would be on marketing and different modes of marketing one being online and another one is offline. To be a good marketer one needs to understand the basics of marketing. Once that is clear you can learn about Digital Marketing (online) or Traditional Marketing (offline). Digital Marketing can be used by both businesses or individuals effectively. Recent trends in digital marketing have changed the market significantly

As always sales and marketing both need to walk hands in hands for a business to succeed and grow.



Roopesh Bhosle is an author at Hackedwits and writes on summary for books from Business and Finance. A Project Manager at day and content writer at night. Love to learn new things, to connect dots in life. Connect with me on LinkedIn for collaboration on project or Guest Post

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