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Book Summary

Hi Reader Welcome to Books Summary section,

Do You want to read about Business, Marketing, Finance and Self-help but you don’t want to have to wade through loads of non-relevant information just to get to the good bits and Only to find out that they have been published in a language that is excruciatingly boring to read?

We Understand the agony of having to read through a long book. Reading a non-fiction book can be painful enough. Imagine having to read a book with a hundred pages or more.

You must have ended up reading recommendations from their friends, or advertisements on the internet. Which are often difficult to relate to, or are in fact, written in a style that is unpleasant to read

We at Hackedwits write the book’s summary for you which has the only essential component which makes the summaries we write as easy to read and understand within few minutes. tries to summarise successful books in domains like Finance, Business, Start-ups, Marketing, and Self-Help. We go with a tagline “Learn knowledge of 500 pages in 5 mins”.

We are aimed towards being the one-stop place for Self-growth including upskilling courses, Books, Tips, and Techniques on Productivity and tools.

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